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That’s Amore Ristobar, born from the nostalgia of the owner having restaurants in Italy, Rome and Napoli...
That’s Amore offers only truly Italian dishes which are all cooked with 100% Italian Extra Virgin olive oil. The menu is constantly changing to bring fresh food and more Italian dishes. Traditional Italian breakfast and lunch is also served with cornetti and Nutella topped with a strong cup of Illy cafe. For lunch there is a selection of panini, pizza and arancini.

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Italian Tapas

(1) Bruschetta al pomodoro fresco
Fresh tomato bruschettaR30.00
(2) Bruschetta al basilico
Basil pesto bruschettaR34.00
(3) Bruschetta con crema di porcini
Porcini cream bruschettaR41.00
(4) Bruschetta pancetta
Pancetta bruschettaR34.00
(5) Melanzane a barchetta
Brinjals stuffed and bakedR34.00
(6) Alette di pollo alla diavola
chicken wings in a chilli Neapolitan sauceR36.00
(7) Polenta e porcini
Polenta and mushroom porciniR44.00
(8) Arrosticini
Mutton shoulder skewerR42.00
(9) Asparagi in pastella
Asparagus wrapped in a dough and friedR36.00
(10) Patate aglio, olio e peperoncino
Potatoes, garlic, olive oil and chilliR26.00
(11) Polpette piccanti
Meat balls in a chili sauceR38.00
(12) Gambero Napoletano
1 tiger prawn pan fry with garlic and chiliR44.00
(13) Arancini rossi
Rice balls with mince, onions and Neapolitan sauceR48.00


Insalata pancetta e patate novelle
Mixed salad and baby spinach with pancetta jumped in the pan with rosmary, garlic and small potatoes drizzled with 100% Italian extravirgin olive oil and red vinegarR48.00
Insalata polpo e finocchio
Mixed salad with fennel and octopusR55.00
Insalata scamorza e porcini
Rocket salad with scamorza (smoked cheese, porcini, vine tomatoes)R67.00
Mozzarella di Bufala e Rucola
Half Imported Buffalo Mozzarella POD (Protected Designation of Origin) with rocket and Italian extravirgin olive oil PODR72.00


Parmigiana di melanzane
Fried and baked brinjals with mozzarella di Bufala DOP (Denominazione Origine Protetta), Parmigiano Reggiano and Neapolitan sauceR56.00
Parma ham, Coppa, Neapolitan Salame, Calabrian Salame rocket and cherry tomatoes, with a fresh tomatoes bruschettaR66.00

Neapolitan Pizza ( FRYDAYS & SATURDAYS)

Margherita di Bufala
Pizza with Neapolitan sauce and Buffalo Mozzarella POD (Protected Designation of Origin) with rocket and Italian extravirgin olive oil PODR135.00
Neapolitan sauce, Black olives from Gaeta, garlic and oreganumR72.00

Primi Piatti

Tonnarelli a` puttanesca
Homemade Tonnarelli (70g) with Neapoltan sauce, olives, capers and oreganumR60.00
Spaghettini aglio, olio e peperoncino
Homemade spaghettini (70g) with garlic, oil and chiliR52.00
Penne salmone e piselli
Penne pasta (80g) with onions, salmon and green peas and a touch of white wine (Pinot Grigio)R74.00
Linguine tonno e olive
Homemade linguine (70g) with Italian tuna, olives and onionsR72.00
Fettuccine bolognese
Homemade fettuccine (70g) with bolognese sauceR64.00

Secondi piatti

Carne alla pizzaiola
Sirloin slices in the pan with 100% Italian extravirgin olive oil, peleed tomatoes and garlic served with wedgesR82.00
Pesce alla griglia
2 tiger prawns, octopus, calamri and quid head grilled with garlic, parsley and 100% Italian extravirgin olive oil served with grilled baby potatoes and a side saladR95.00


Gnocchi fritti alla Nutella
Fried potatoes gnocchi topped with NutellaR60.00
Tiramisu` al limoncello
traditional Amalfi cost tiramisu`R60.00
Panna cotta
with toasted nutsR45.00

All the dishes are cooked and prepared with 100% ITALIAN EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL and ITALIAN EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL POD [Protected Designation of Origin] from the hills of Salerno, it has a low degree of acidity and is made from olives collected by hand on premature maturation and milled in the same day.

We use Italian Buffalo Mozzarella POD [Protected Designation of Origin] from Battipaglia (Sa) where it originated. It`s made by hand on the same day as the milk. ...we also use only Italian flour and Italian peeled tomato from San Marzano area.

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